Social Change by Any Spiritual Means Neccesary

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If you have logged on the help bring peace to the youth of Broward County’s youth, you’re in the right place. Let me give you some background to our project. Last Saturday (11/7/09), at NSU Diversity Summit, I presented  the topic” Social Change by Any Spiritual Means Necessary.” The over 50 participants in my section agreed that we should use the 1993 Meditation in Washington DC as our inspiration to bring peace to the youth in Broward County’s youth. What happened in DC was a group of 4000 spent about 53 days meditating and the crime rate WENT DOWN. So, we decided to pray, meditate, intend, mind, etc peace for our young people.  Click on the topic: Peaceful Youth in Broward County to the right for more information. Share this with your friends and colleagues if you’d like.  I am excited about this experience and I KNOW that we’re going to make a difference. We want to keep up with our numbers, as the DC study showed that as the number or mediators increased the crime rate decreased. Peace, peace, peace. Debra

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