Intention is Everything

I believe that everything that happens begins with an intention. I have no science to prove this; it’s just a personal observation. So, our (joint) decision to create a shift, positive shift, in the behavior of Broward County’s youth culture is with the knowing that our 40 days of praying, meditating and intending has–yes present tense–made a difference. In our workshop (about 12 days ago), several of us shared our experiences of praying for something and it happened. One participant shared with the group how she talked to a plant and it began to grow. I talked about getting “my” car and how in the moment that dealer was telling me that they didn’t have any like the one that I wanted, a truck pulled up with “my” car on it. My thinking is that if we can intend or pray for these things and they happened, then we can pray or intend for ANYTHING–including peace and it will happen. So here we are 12 days later making it happen(ed). In my next post, I’ll going to share with you the most current index that I can find about negative juvenile behavior in Broward County. This is so that we can see the effects of our spiritual activity since November 7, 2009. Until then, let us know what you’re doing to create this shift we’re after.

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