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Wow! We’ve started Something

On December 17, 2009, we met at NSU to talk about our 40 day spiritual experience. Those who attended offered the following ideas for our continued connection: 1) Rape 2) President Obama 3) Health Care Initiative We decided that we will continue to meditate and pray about youth peace (non ...

4 Days From Now

But first let me share with you guys how my world has sychonized itself to meet me at this point in time. I  have spent the last 5 days at a psychotherapy conference. The last two workshops that I attended captured the essence of  our proclamation just 36 days ago. One, very inspiring presenter ...

The Moment of Our Intended Truth

On December 17th, in about 9 days, we will confirm the fruit of our prayers and intentions. For this momentous occasion, we will meet at NSU at 12, noon, and celebrate what we have achieved. So, if you have spent the last 40 days minding the peace of our youth, then come and share those […]